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Customer feedback

We have been testing Mercedes-Benz Uptime since 2013 – 1.400 vehicles, 200 million km on the roads in Germany, Austria, Poland and the UK. Learn more about the experience of our trial customers.

Benjamin Neubert

Workshop manager,
Alfred Amenda & Sohn Transport GmbH

Wolfgang Strick

Workshop manager,
Hubert Hörndl Transporte GmbH

Hubert Hörndl

Managing director,
Hubert Hörndl Transporte GmbH

Rüdiger Böhm

Managing director,
Böhm Güterverkehrs GmbH

Andreas Kiel

Responsible for vehicle telematics,
Böhm Güterverkehrs GmbH

Real-life examples

How will you experience the innovative real-time customer support by Mercedes-Benz Uptime?
Two illustrative examples from our trial customers demonstrate the Mercedes-Benz Uptime processes in pictures.

Icon Avoiding vehicle breakdowns

Avoiding vehicle breakdowns:

Example of Rolf Benzinger Spedition-Transporte GmbH

Real-life example 1: intro

Location: Bonn

John Doe is about to start his today’s route from Bonn to Karlsruhe and then further to Munich. His first transport order is very urgent – he needs to get to Karlsruhe in 3,5 hours at the latest.

John’s vehicle is equipped with FleetBoard Truck Data Center and Mercedes-Benz Uptime is activated. The fully automatic telediagnosis continuously checks the status of the vehicle systems.

Real-life example 1: failure message

Location: between Bonn and Karlsruhe

Suddenly a failure message pops up in the vehicle display – “Malfunction of exhaust recirculation. Please visit the workshop”. This failure message may be caused by 185 different problems. Some are urgent, while others allow the vehicle to stay on the road for up to 2 days before visiting the workshop.

Information about the problem is automatically transmitted to the Mercedes-Benz Uptime back-end server. Within seconds the clear interpretation and concrete instructions are provided to Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center in Maastricht.

Real-life example 1: Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center

Location: between Bonn and Karlsruhe

So, by the time when John is about to make a stop to shortly examine his vehicle

the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center has already contacted his fleet manager and informed him that the faulty temperature sensor of the exhaust box needs to be replaced within the next 10 h in order to avoid the breakdown.

Real-life example 1: fleet manager informs driver

Location: between Bonn and Karlsruhe

The fleet manager informs John that he can proceed with his drive, complete his urgent delivery to Karlsruhe and make a short workshop stop afterwards along his route from Karlsruhe to Munich.

In the meantime CAC has found a suitable Mercedes-Benz Service Partner in Pforzheim, verified his availability for the urgent repair and confirmed the workshop appointment to the customer.

Real-life example 1: preparation in workshop

Location: Karlsruhe

John completes his delivery to Karlsruhe right on time and receives all instructions about the arranged workshop appointment from his fleet manager.

Meanwhile the workshop is ready for John’s visit – the repair order and parts have been prepared and technicians have been instructed.

Real-life example 1: workshop stop

Location: behind Karlsruhe

So when John arrives to the workshop, repairs can start immediately

In less than an hour, repairs are completed and John is back on the road to Munich.

icon Efficient management of repair and maintenance work

Efficient management of repair and maintenance work:

Example of Bay Logistics GmbH

Real-life example 2: intro

Location: Waiblingen

Please meet Mr. Fred Bloggs, the driver of Bay Logistics GmbH. Today it’s Monday and he is about to start his weekly tour from the company’s headquarters in Waiblingen to customers in Czechia, Poland and Netherlands. He will return to Waiblingen on Friday.

Fred’s vehicle is equipped with FleetBoard Truck Data Center and Mercedes-Benz Uptime service is activated. The fully automatic telediagnosis continuously checks the status of the vehicle systems.

Real-life example 2: automatic telediagnosis

Location: Brno

Fred has just completed his delivery to Czechia. The automatic telediagnosis identifies that the engine maintenance will be due in 21 days. This information is transmitted to Mercedes-Benz Service Partner Lorinser, selected by Bay GmbH as his home workshop.

Mr. Rogosch is the dedicated service manager for Bay Logistics GmbH. He received the notification about the upcoming engine maintenance, prepared the maintenance offer and agreed the workshop appointment with the responsible fleet manager (on Saturday in 3 weeks).

Real-life example 2: failure message

Location: Poznan

Meanwhile Fred is on his way to Amsterdam. Suddenly a failure message pops up in the display – “Uneven brake pad wear. Please visit the workshop”. Without Mercedes-Benz Uptime Fred would possibly ignore this problem, as the vehicle’s driving ability is not directly affected. This could lead to increased brake wear, higher fuel consumption and thus additional costs for the customer.

But in this case Mr. Rogosch is immediately informed by