Third-party provider interface

Expand the horizon of your vehicle with a third-party provider

“Third-party provider interface” offers you the possibility to allow third-party providers access to selected data and functions of Mercedes-Benz Uptime. For you as a customer, that means transparency, safety and control over your data, combined with innovative service offerings from various third-party providers. The use of the data occurs via the respective application (e.g. website, app) of the third-party provider. The third-party provider is wholly responsible in line with data protection legislation for the data which Daimler makes available in accordance with your wishes. You can disable the disclosure of data at any time in the Mercedes customer portal under “Settings”.

This means we make it possible for you to do the following, for example:

Share selected vehicle data with favoured third-party providers

Third-party providers can provide further services in conjunction with the data which you approve them to use. Benefit, for example, from individual advantages and personalised services for your vehicle from your favoured third-party providers.

To agree to this, confirmation must be made in the Mercedes me portal. In addition to this, you must also create an account for the Mercedes me portal. When creating this, it is important that you use the e-mail address with which you registered for Mercedes-Benz Uptime.

Availability of third-party services

Which data can be shared with third-party providers is dependent on the country, model series and the activated Mercedes-Benz Uptime service. Which services are available for your vehicle is also dependent on the respective third-party provider.

Connected applications

You define which applications can have access to your data.

Access history

Keep an eye on which third-party applications have called up your data via our interface.

Customer consent for independent service providers

Allow service providers to use remote diagnosis.